Energy Foundation Australia

Energy Foundation Australia

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The Energy Foundation Australia (EFA) is a new initiative of the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL), created to provide cost-effective, low-risk back end services for community energy projects to drive greater certainty and investment. Sharing services such as finance, administration, HR, IT and legals means groups can avoid duplication and focus on accelerating and amplifying their local impact.

This initiative builds on the work undertaken by MEFL and the VCSA in developing the Community Solar Toolkit, which includes an investor portal and backend tool for managing financial aspects of renewable energy projects. The EFA will maintain these tools, and utilise the toolkit its service delivery.

MEFL has been building a business case for the EFA and is now ready to enter the pilot phase. The pilot will define a suite of services that support genuine local action, are scalable, and leverage MEFL’s experience and scale to enable groups to overcome administrative barriers.