Bendigo Sustainability Group

Bendigo Sustainability Group


PO Box 1362, Bendigo 3552


(03) 5443 5244


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The Bendigo Sustainability Group was founded in 2007. We are independent and community focused, and our goal is to create a supportive culture for understanding, inspiration, action and hope from which the wider community can grow a sustainable future together. Through our action groups and projects, we have made significant contributions to the future sustainability of our region.

The purpose of the Bendigo Sustainability Group it to:

  • Undertake actions which sustain the natural environment
  • Create a supportive platform from which the wider Bendigo Community can grow a sustainable future together
  • Be a catalyst for sustainability action by bringing together the community and linking with and building on efforts of existing environmental groups
  • Assist community members in undertaking bold new sustainability initiatives, connect with their environment and in knowing how they can make a difference
  • Be a conduit for linking and networking through information exchange (e.g. newsletter, web) and gatherings (e.g. forums, workshops, celebrations)
  • Secure funding and human resources to assist in undertaking the organisation’s activities
  • Establish and maintain a public fund called the ‘Sustain Bendigo Fund’ for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects/purposes of the Bendigo Sustainability Group

Social Dividend

BSG has provided over $50,000 to local organisations dealing with low income and disadvantaged individuals and families who may be suffering from ‘Energy Poverty’ – that is the lack of income to pay their electricity bills. This funding has been used to install solar PV systems free of charge for the following organisations:

  • Bendigo Community Health Medical Centre (10kW)
  • Bendigo Community Health Medical Centre (5kW)
  • Haven Community Housing (2kW on three individual houses)
  • Community Housing Pty Ltd (2kW on five individual houses)

Energy Efficiency Program

BSG undertook over 50 sessions for local charities and community organisations to explain energy efficiency, and support on how to use the Victorian Government’s ‘Energy Compare’ online energy comparison website. The group installed over 100 in home energy displays into low income and disadvantages groups so that households could understand and monitor their usage.