Surf Coast Energy Group

Surf Coast Energy Group


PO Box 160 Torquay Victoria 3228




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Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) is a diverse group of residents in the Surf Coast Shire who are united by a concern for climate change and sustainability, and want to do something about it at a local level.  Formed in 2008, SCEG is an incorporated association which now has over 100 financial members.

SCEG takes action to help local residents and businesses:

  • understand climate change and the transition to renewable energy;
  • adopt sustainable behaviours;
  • improve the performance of the built environment;
  • protect and enhance remnant and native flora and fauna;
  • grow their own food or access locally produced food; and
  • live, work and play locally.

Regarding renewable energy, SCEG works with residents, businesses and community organisations to improve energy efficiency and install solar power systems by promoting trusted advisory services, bulk buy schemes, behind the meter investment models and government funding opportunities.