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Your Community Solar is a local initiative transforming empty roof space into community owned rooftop solar ‘power stations’. Originally based in the City of Yarra (formerly Yarra Community Solar), the group is now broadening its horizons in the search for suitable projects.

The purpose of Your Community Solar is to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy by providing access to capital for community renewable solar projects. We are a volunteer run organisation committed to creating new ways to power our community.

Locals invest in solar installations which supply renewable energy to local businesses, offering community members a competitive financial return and affordable sustainable energy to rooftop hosts.

  • Our approach is to raise money from the community and use it to finance solar installations on large roofs.
  • We get paid for the energy and use it to repay our investors, and also give them a dividend.
  • When the investment is repaid, the owner of the roof gets to own the panels.
  • The community gets their money back and can use it to reinvest in another project.
  • The roof owner has used power bill payments to finance the purchase of the solar panels.
  • In achieving this, we have done something practical to reduce carbon emissions, which benefits the planet and the community.