Invest in a Community Solar Project

Invest in a Community Solar Project

Why invest

Community solar projects enable communities to have a say in how their energy is supplied and used. These projects deliver benefits to locally, enable businesses or groups to access solar, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the clean energy future transition, as well as providing a financial return to investors. More and more people are recognising these benefits, with many community solar projects fully subscribed in just minutes.

Investors in community solar projects generally are motivated by the local community and environmental benefits and not only financial expectations, and are seeking an investment with low levels of risk where even a small amount can be invested.

How to invest

Before you register to invest in a community solar project through the Portal, you will need to create an account. Once you have completed your registration, you won’t need to provide these details again when you choose to invest in a project. You can update your account details at any time by visiting the My Account page.

There are a number of exciting community solar projects across Victoria ready for investment. These are listed on the Projects page. Once you are ready to invest, click the Register to Invest button linked to the relevant project. Due to popular demand, projects are often quickly oversubscribed. When a project is oversubscribed, shares are allocated using a pool system. Your registration is added to a pool of registrations and you will be notified by the relevant community solar organisation if you are successful in securing investment in the project.

Ready to invest?

See which projects are open for investment

All information about community solar projects and community solar organisations on the Community Solar Portal (the Portal) is provided and maintained by the community solar organisations themselves. Australian Energy Foundation takes no responsibility for information provided on the Portal about community solar organisations or their projects.
Australian Energy Foundation do not provide financial advice and cannot advise investors or potential investors in respect of financial products.