Moreland Community Solar

Moreland Community Solar


PO Box 276, Brunswick, VIC 3056


+61 419 990 924


[email protected]
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Moreland Community Solar Co-operative was established in 2014. Our vision is to harness the power of our community to provide collective action on climate change, provide a unique and ethical way to invest in clean energy and to support local enterprises to ‘go solar’. 

Moreland Community Solar provides funding for businesses and other organisations across the City of Moreland in Melbourne to ‘go solar’.  Under our delivery model, the solar panels are funded by community investors.  The roof host borrows the funds from us to buy and install the solar panelsThe roof host then repays the loan over time using a range of financial options. The repayments are then returned to the community investors as dividends. 

We are a Cooperative. Our operations are overseen by a Board of Directors comprising:  

  • Peter Shelley (Secretary) 
  • Linda Parlane 
  • SallyRose Carbines 
  • Michael Hotton