Bendigo Regional Archive Centre

Bendigo Regional Archive Centre Project Status: Fully Subscribed Location: 251-259 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo VIC, Australia CSO: Bendigo Sustainability Group Size of Project: 30kW solar Funding Model: Donation Website Link: Open Date: Closing Date:

In 2017, the BSG in partnership with the City of Greater Bendigo installed 30kW of solar on the Bendigo Regional Archive Centre, which will supply over 25% of the Centre’s electricity needs. The project was funded using a mixture of financial mechanisms including, a grant from Bank Australia, a loan, and the BSG’s own funds.

Under the agreement between the City of Greater Bendigo and the BSG, the electricity generated by the solar system will be sold to the council at a commercial rate. After 15 years, the Bendigo Sustainability Group will hand the panels over to the council to remain with the city and the community.